22 year old American rapper Saturn Alexander is the one of the newest but highly talented in the music game. The New Jersey native is one to watch in the music industry, with musical talent and inspiration from artists such as Chance the rapper, Lil Kim and Kirk Franklin. With strong poetry, flows showing a diverse range she is surely gonna shine in the charts real soon.

IndustryMe caught up with Saturn to find out about the inspiration behind her music

How would you describe your sound?

I would describe my sound as a mix between house, anime OST’s, trap, and Gospel. I pull soooo much inspiration from these things.

What was the concept behind your debut EP ‘IOU’?

Well, at the time that I was writing IOU, a lot of things happened. Me and my longtime boyfriend broke up, we got back together, I was transitioning just in so many areas in my life and I felt like I wasn’t being heard, I was being smothered. A lot of the songs, the way I mixed them, especially “CrushOnU” the vocals are a bit lower than instrumental. It’s because everything that I was saying at that time, seemed like it wasn’t getting through. It was a warring point in my life. I was fighting against myself, against others, against everything it felt like, and IOU was the soundtrack.

Your track ‘pretty pink’ received a great response, why do you think people were able to connect with the song so well?

 Honestly, growing up, almost everyone has seen Dragon Ball Z. It’s a super simplistic concept of a song, and the production was impeccable (Shoutouts to bstrtheprouducer) so I think people might’ve liked it for that reason haha

How did your musical journey begin and what’s been the highlight so far?

My journey honestly began in my boyfriend’s studio about a year and a half ago. I always wanted to do music, but never thought I was capable. There’s this quote, the summarised pretty much says that we’re not afraid of not being great; but that we are great. And I think that fear was holding me back. The highlight most definitely so far was being a part of the Anti-Venue tour and getting to travel to Atlanta. That’s the first time I was there, and being able to be a part of something like that meant a lot to me.

Lex Luther and majin buu, are a few of the character references that have appeared in your music, would it be fair to say that you draw inspiration from anime and comics?

YESSSSS. I absolutely am in love with Anime, and I feel like comics are the closest American thing we have to them.

What are the plans for your music in 2017?

In 2017, I’m really looking to ground myself in music. I’m going to drop a full length mixtape, and some music videos, and really submerge myself completely in music. 2016 was just a taste.

2017 is set to be amazing for Saturn so keep your eyes peeled!

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