Sautereau Releases Brand New Track ‘What If’

Optimistic but vivacious pop princess Sautereau brings us a sense of class and elegance with her new single ‘What If’. The song is packed full of emotion and passion as it hits a personal note for her as she expresses her own experiences through love and adventure. Originally from Switzerland but now based in New York, Chloe Sautereau released her first EP As I Keep on Dreaming under the name Cee. The latest hit is a follow-up from the recent single ‘Conversation Hearts’ which is her debut release under her new name and she is believed to have an incredible range in terms of music and themes and speak to a younger audience.

‘What If’ gives off cool mellow vibes which reminds me of going for a walk on a calm day that has a chill in the air, it is also about remembering the good times and this is what helps make the song cheerier and more upbeat. The lyrics in the track are capturing and infectious full of sweet yet groovy melodies which will get you swaying along.  

We often think of what if in a number of situations such as meeting someone and thinking what if I told him I liked him maybe he likes me too and it’s the sense of curiosity that led us to make decisions. The vocals on the track are beautiful which sound so innocent and pure which emphasises tonnes of energy and free-spirited spontaneous attitude where we discover new experiences which is sure to help lift anyone’s mood. The words are playful and fun to bring the cheesy party feeling but are honest yet relatable to help Inspire people to live with no worries or regrets and just get up and go with no thinking required.

Here at IndustryMe, we look forward to hearing more from Sautereau in the near future. ‘What If’ is available to stream now!

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