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Katie Kittermaster Pours Out Her Heart On She Should Be Here

Katie Kittermaster, 20, is back with her new single “She should be here”. The Kent-born singer was all set for a blockbuster year before her career was slowed temporarily like so many other upcoming artists by the Pandemic. Katie’s circumstances were, however, slightly different to many of her industry colleagues, it wasn’t a case of potential opportunities stopping before they got started, she had concrete career-defining performances lined up. The singer was booked for 17 festivals, yes seventeen, with her music being played everywhere from Germany’s most popular radio stations to the official Caffe Nero playlist in the cafe’s branches all across the UK. Despite the setbacks Kittermaster has adapted well to life without live performances, most notably taking to TikTok to gain a following of over 100,000 people, keeping her at the forefront of her fans’ minds ready for her return.

Katie Kittermasdter she should be here - Katie live on stage

“She should be here” is a single that combines all of the singer’s best musical attributes. The singer-songwriter uses her unique knack of creating something truly relatable for her listeners in a way that comes across as unquestionably genuine. The song follows a similar nature to that of some of Lucy Spraggan’s music who shot to fame with her quirky, emotive storytelling through the form of song – and this may not be a coincidence Kittermaster actually toured Europe with Spraggan in 2020. “She should be here” delicately analyzes each aspect of a typical British night out, starting with the pre-drinks, getting drunk and singing like no-one is watching to getting shots at the bar, and taking bathroom selfies all the way through to ‘cheesy-chips’ at the end of the night. A staple of British culture. 

Although this song has the potential to be a very surface-level single, it actually has a much more intense, moving structure. Kittermaster explains all the events above but constantly refers back to the hook ‘she should be here’. It’s deliberately ambiguous about whether the absent friend has been fallen out with, moved away, or even passed on. Kittermaster’s trademark haunting vocals add a whole extra layer to the song, the hook is a real tear-jerker, the familiar despair of trying to enjoy where you are but everyone and everything reminding you of someone you miss. It’s undoubtedly an excellent time to release the single, with the pandemic hopefully drawing to a close in the coming months, people across the UK will be desperate to get back to having a night out with their friends. This song combines that excitement and anticipation with Kittermaster’s typical slightly more sombre and poignant approach. The message is clear and relatable throughout with a very strong repeatable quality to the single, the kind of song one plays over and over the first day, they discover it.

Already an established name, expect 2021 to be a huge year for Katie Kittermaster, the singer is set to make up for lost time with an avalanche of live performances and musical releases. Keep an ear out for “She should be here” an important song for a number of reasons that will be widely available on all major platforms upon its release today.

Listen to “She should be here” by Katie Kittermaster here:

Words by: Livia Likurti

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