(Editor’s note: This post was written by fellow music journalist Antonia from Music And Other Stories who was our eyes and ears at #SLCTD)

On Sunday, June 24th, I was given the opportunity to attend the #SLCTD Panel and Work Experience Pitch, followed by live performances. The event took place at the infamous Notting Hill Arts Club in Notting Hill, West London – a renowned and pioneering music and arts venue.

At 2pm, on one of the hottest and sunniest Sundays of the year so far, I made my way only to find out that quite a few people had lined up already and eagerly awaited the entry – despite the good weather. True dedication! Inside, we were introduced to the structure of the day/evening and got told that everyone has the chance to do elevator pitches to each panel member. The prize? A work placement/internship at the company they work for. Now these weren’t just any companies. The panel members came from Link Up TV, Ten Letter PR, J.O.A.T, Relentless Records and Beat FM – highly anticipated businesses which have a major influence in the urban music scene in particular.
Everyone who wanted to pitch themselves to the panelists got a polaroid picture taken of themselves, with their number and email written on the back just so the panelist has an easier job choosing and remembering.

The Panel

The panel itself was incredibly inspiring. The speakers Ewan Grant (Relentless Records), Jo Dash Musa (J.O.A.T Music Group), Joey Clipstar (Hardest Bars), Remina Nair (Ten Letter PR) and Ellie Prohan (Beat 103.6 FM) were asked to share their experiences of how they got into their selected field, which hurdles they had to overcome and what their day to day job looked like. Every single one gave such a truly in-depth insight into their careers and tasks and awarded the crowd with helpful nuggets of wisdom and knowledge as their backgrounds were very diverse, ranging from Public Relations, A&R or DJ-ing.
Another major topic was how to stay sane and cope with mental health in an industry which can be ruthless and destroying – a clear answer was given: Do not be afraid to take a step back and do not be scared to talk about your feelings or your fears because it is okay not to be okay. Also counselling was highly recommended as the panelists shared their life-improving experiences through it.

The Pitches

After the Q&A it was time for everyone to shine and give their best at the work experience selection. Quickly after, the winners were announced who couldn’t be any happier! A short break after such inspiring speech was given which most of the attendees used to mingle and to network – I would be lying if I said I didn’t connect with amazing like-minded creatives who I am so happy to have met.

The Peformances

Then it was time for the artist showcase, with East London’s rapper Baseman as the headliner who gained recognition with songs such as Bands or Bad Habits. Other artists performing on the night were T Mulla, Malv, Ruth Brown and BM – all of them convincing the crowd with their unique vocals and performances. It looked like everyone had an amazing time, looking at the audience everyone seemed to enjoy themselves after such a
productive, informative and inspiring day.

With SLCTD, the companies Espresso23, NHAM and Reece Steward put on a great event which certainly helped point the right direction for one or another.

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