Songstress Rachel Chinouriri Brings a Rock Edge to Single ‘The Hills’

Indie pop princess Rachel Chinouriri is not just a great vocalist, she is a superb storyteller. There is a heavy Y2K influence evident in her artistic choices. A respectful nod to the poster-girl songstresses of the early 2000s, Chinouriri delivers pop perfection capturing young love, heartbreak, angst, and insecurity.

In true MTV-era style, she crafts music videos that play like short films. Previously, the single ‘Ribs‘ is accompanied by a hilarious and heartfelt glimpse into her life played out like a VHS tape. Meanwhile, in ‘Fall Right Out Of Love‘ she sings sitting in a tree basking in the sun, yet the heat of despair is evident across her broken-hearted face.

Chinouriri clearly appreciates (and fits right in) the pop stratosphere, yet seems acutely aware of what makes her different. This sentiment is prevalent in the new edgy, rock-inspired single ‘The Hills‘, accompanied by, you guessed it, an epic music video.

We see her bop through a housing estate, pretty in pink, sticking out against her peers in a monotone world of despair. Further to this, she details the difficulties of the diaspora, feeling unwelcome and unheard in the UK. Chinouriri depicts the stark contrast between a Black Britain and the archetypal whiteness and bigotry of its nationals. Pushed to the fringes of society, the feelings of cultural exclusion are being perfectly described.

Have you ever noticed/ That your house don’t feel like home? In a room that you’ve outgrown/ Scrubbing at the writings on the wall.

Rachel Chinouriri-‘The Hills’

Packed with punch, ‘The Hills‘ is a sing-along pop-rock anthem, perfect for live performance. Moreover, she is opening for Louis Tomlinson on his tour and is gaining new fans night after night.

Standing on top of a high-rise building, Chinouriri puts on a powerful performance as she sings “When you don’t belong.”. Overall, she shows the world of pop can be punchy, catchy, feel-good, socially conscious, and politically powerful.

Rachel Chinouriri is on Instagram, X and TikTok. You can read more news pieces here and watch the video below.

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