Introducing Ola, Charles & Chuks otherwise known as Team C.H.O.C. These vibrant, fun loving, characters are the brilliant minds behind the Team C.H.O.C podcast and this month’s group of creatives in the spotlight.

Here’s what happened when I got to know the men behind the show.

How did you guys meet and what do you feel you each bring to the table?

All: We’re childhood friends.

Ola: I think I have the most controversial beliefs in the group – I don’t follow the norm.

Charles: Yh not gonna lie Ola sometimes your views are a bit wild. I’d say I am the most serious of the three, but equally as controversial. I also like to bring the socially conscious element to our discussions.

Chuks: I definitely bring the fun and laughter. I somehow end up being the mediator between these two huge personalities. I suppose you could say I also help to move discussions along with my prompts too.

What inspired the idea for the podcast?

Ola: Chuks introduced me podcasts and we used to listen to shows like 3 shots of tequila…

Chuks: … we would often get into heated debates at uni around similar topics so this just felt like the most organic progression

Charles: Our podcast is essentially meant to feel like a chat with your friends. Just 3 guys with a genuine friendship bouncing their ideas about current issues off each other.

Ola: Exactly, it started off as an escape from exam stress and then slowly took on a life of its own. I think people connected with it because we were just being ourselves –

Charles: – obviously it was bit weird recording it in the beginning, especially knowing people were going to listen to it after, but eventually you get used to it.

How do you go about choosing your topics?

All: Currents affairs…

Chuks: We try to steer away from cliches and cater to different audiences but there are number of ways we do this.

Ola: A big part of it was seeing what was trending on twitter and running polls to gauge what type of content people were interested in hearing.

Charles: Something that we found worked really well for us was just to press record and go. We would have talking points written down as prompts just in case but we liked to follow the natural flow of a discussion.

Ola: It was important for us to be balanced. So while we will talk about relationships and all of that stuff we will also offer a range of perspectives on other pressing issues. We definitely Don’t want to be pigeon holed into ‘uni boy show’ category.

Chuks: For us it was important to discuss the stuff we actually care about not just stuff that we think will be popular.

What are your goals for 2018?

Ola: More growth

Chuks: For a greater reach to a wider audience. We want to extend the platform beyond the podcast

Charles: To discuss topics that branch out to a wider audience and extend our target demographic to beyond the uni crowd

Ola: A show in London would be great!

Charles: There’s not a lot I want to change, just for it to get bigger and better. If it’s not broken don’t fix it right?

Seeing as your last event was a success are you planning to do more in the future?

All: Most Definitely!

Chuks: The last event was a huge learning curve. So we are expecting our next event to be even better. This time we will have more mics.

Charles: I would love to but our timetables are a bit crazy right now, who knows maybe in the summer.

Ola: That would be great but Chuks…I am just praying that this guy will be free.

What’s been the most challenging thing about your journey?

Charles: Consistency

Chuks: Also finding balance of being open but not over sharing

Ola: Or saying something that may impact your future. Not to say that my views are overtly wild or anything but you get what I mean

Speaking of wild statements, have you ever had an Awkward discussion with someone after they heard you share a story concerning them and how did you handle it?

Ola: I keep it 100. I wouldn’t say anything I couldn’t say to the individuals face. I would Explain why I said it and why the story was relevant. If the person is really my friend they will know that I never say anything with malicious intent. The only thing that is off limits is my current situation.

Charles: I avoid it completely I Never say names or anything too wild concerning others

So you wouldn’t apologise unless the person was upset?

Ola: I said what I said haha I’m kidding. I would discuss it with the individual and address the issue. At the end of the day I’m not sorry for what I said I’m sorry that the person is offended

What has been the best part of the journey so far?

Chuks: Sharing the experience with my boys.

Ola: Yh doing this with my boys, I couldn’t do this with anyone else!

Charles: Aww guys…It kinda feels like a catch up. We don’t really see each other that much because of work and stuff so it’s nice to have that time together.

What has been the biggest surprise on your journey so far?

Ola: The different opinions of the mandem

Charles: Are you talking about yourself? I’m kidding I’d agree with that.

Chuks: I’d say the same, it’s crazy because we are so close but have such different opinions

What was your Favourite episode so far and why?

Charles: Favourite episode for me would have to be Ep11, I guess because I wasn’t on it or involved in editing. I was able to listen to it like any other audience member for the first time as opposed to thoroughly dissecting it.

Ola:My favourite episode is hands down Episode 10 which was our Christmas special. It was probably the most comfortable I’ve felt recording and listening back to how funny the guys were on the podcast made it even more meaningful – plus we got some great feedback from people.

Chuks: The Christmas episode (episode 10), for me it was the funniest and I felt like the vibe was very relaxed when we recorded it.

What was your Least favourite episode and why?

Charles: Haaaa! Err probably episode 7. It was funny being with the mandem but Christ , trying to get a word in was almost impossible, I can’t listen to it without my head getting hot 😂

Chuks: Probably episode 1, I can’t listen back to it, it actually makes me cringe lol

Ola: It’s gonna sound cliche but I haven’t really got one. One episode which didn’t come to naturally me was episode 8 which was the one we focused on music. I haven’t got a lot of knowledge on music but listening to what the others had to say and still putting my own beliefs forward was interesting & encouraging.

Any last shoutouts or plugs?

Charles: Bare shoutouts, shout out NewWaveMagazine, checkout the beautifullyunfabulous (sick blog), my bro Bijoux, album coming out on the 28th of this month and lastly, follow me on instagram c_oguns; new photography stuff being released

Ola: Big shoutouts to our loyal listeners and those who have supported and keep supporting we appreciate that so much plus also a massive shoutout to my team including all those who have appeared as a guest on the podcast, totally grateful!

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