Squeeze Tarela is an imaginative Nigerian Afro-Reggae artist who delivers music to an audience that enjoys his Reggae/Dance Hall sound. The singer was recently crowned Reggae Artiste of the Year at the Akademia Music Awards in Los Angeles. He bases his lyrics on the themes of resilience, love, motivation, romanticism and an overall celebration of life. His Afro reggae is mixed with a hint of RnB and Afro fusion.

The Music Video

The music video for ‘Cocoa Butter’ was released on Friday the 18th of May 2018. Tarela is signed to an independent UK based label called JustJoJo Entertainment LTD. The song itself was produced by DJ Coublon.

The music video was directed by Ovie Etseyatse. The choreography was done by Ezinne Asinugo. The video features several exotic female dancers who are representing Squeeze Tarela’s ‘Cocoa Butter’. Tarela is seen dancing and playfully interacting with the dancers.

The Song

The song features a consistent reggae rhythmic beat that provides a feel-good vibe just in time for the summer. The music creates a happy atmosphere, it wouldn’t be unusual to hear a song like this controlling the tempo of a dance floor filled with people enjoying themselves.

Tarela has a distinctive reggae voice. The solid vocals deliver a story of a man’s admiration for a girl, her ways and her appearance. The girl that Squeeze Tarela is talking about is reffered to as ‘Cocoa Butter’.

The song features a melodious chorus that wouldn’t sound out of place in the pop charts. The artist’s ability to do this demonstrates that he has an optimistic career within the music industry. His label JustJoJo Entertainment LTD could be onto a winner.

The song that will take you to a beach on a warm summers day was produced excellently. For an independent artist, the level of production comes at an advantage. It is not overly produced so that it doesn’t eliminate Squeeze Tarela’s Afro-Reggae roots which shines through as the song plays along. If the song was not produced to the level of which it has been, the song wouldn’t be of the pop quality that it is.

Watch the music video here: