As summer winds down and the heat and humidity (hopefully) leaves us behind and we enter the cooler months, there’s nothing quite like sitting down and getting comfortable with a warm cup of tea. Luckily, Wendigo Tea Co. has you covered! This brand is perfect for those evenings when you just want to relax, mug of tea in one hand and a book in the other. 

Introducing Wendigo Tea Co.

Sky White, former pianist of the Cincinnati-based rock band Foxy Shazam, created Wendigo Tea Co. for a very simple reason, according to the the company’s website: to drink the best teas in the world. Now the founder and CEO of a high quality tea company, White and Wendigo provide customers the opportunity to do just that.

As a fan of Foxy Shazam, I’ve always been intrigued by their visuals: their music videos, album covers, fashion, and everything in between. Visually, everything has always been unique, making them stand out, so I expected nothing less from Wendigo Tea Co. – and was certainly not disappointed.

Creatives like White – and likely the rest of the team behind the tea company – invoke creativity into everything they do, and Wendigo’s packaging is no different.

Though ultimately the taste is the deciding factor, an important aspect of any brand is its packaging. One can’t help but be intrigued by Wendigo Tea Co.’s designs. The artist’s takes on the mythical creatures Bigfoot and Siren are striking, and the tea flavors follow suit.

Tasting Bigfoot

Bigfoot is your classic black tea with a twist. Forget Lipton or any other brand of tea: Wendigo’s Bigfoot is naturally sweet with a wonderful aroma. While other people need coffee to get their caffeine fix in the morning, I’ve always been more of a tea person. Bigfoot provided me a great boost in the morning, despite having one-third of the amount of caffeine as your average cup of coffee.

Sometimes, I find black tea to be a bit too strong, needing some non-dairy milk or creamer with a touch of sweetener to offset the heavy taste, but my palate was ready for Bigfoot. The flavor was sweet enough on its own and not too strong.

Tasting Siren

While Bigfoot is great for a slight caffeine kick, Siren is perfect for anyone who uses their voice a lot. From singers to shouting parents, this herbal tea has your back. My vocal chords don’t need the repairs that others might, but I did find that Siren’s earthy flavors paired perfectly with my quiet morning.

With no caffeine, Siren won’t leave you feeling jittery or on edge. Instead, its medicinal herbs are soothing with a kick – the tea also contains ginger for some spice. Unfortunately, Siren isn’t for everyone: Wendigo Tea Co. advises against this tea’s consumption if you are pregnant or may become pregnant.

Try Wendigo for Yourself!

Of course, Wendigo Tea Co. has much more variety than just these two! Named after mythical creatures, Wendigo’s teas include Nessy Jasmine Tea, Black Shuck Earl Grey, FireBird Chai, King Dragon Oolong, Yeti White Tea, and Wendigo Green Tea.

For more information on Wendigo Tea Co., visit their website and get to enjoying some delicious tea.