STORRY Shares Her Heart in New Single – “Intimate Abuse”

Singer-songwriter STORRY explores themes of self-worth, love, and intimacy in her latest single – Intimate Abuse.

Born and raised in Toronto, Canada to Lebanese and Greek parents, Dina Koutsouflakis a.k.a STORRY has been singing from a young age – having an interesting journey along the way. From a straight-A student to an opera trainee, STORRY’s journey took a turn as she was coerced into the sex industry.


After leaving that world, STORRY began focusing on her music – releasing her debut single, Leave My Heart Behind in 2019. She would later go on to release her first album – ‘CH III: The Come Up’ in 2020 – which featured popular tracks: You Don’t Know Me (Nah Nah), F*** Me Good and House & A Range. She would later go on to release her EP – ‘INTERLUDE – 19‘ later that year. For her work, STORRY became a two-time JUNO Award nominee, having received nominations for Reggae Recording of the Year for her single, Another Manand Adult Contemporary Album of the Year for ‘CH III: The Come Up.’

Now with her new single – Intimate Abuse, STORRY tells her truth about not feeling worthy of the love, time, and energy of her partner. Produced by Dustin Dooley, Intimate Abuse is a powerful song further complemented by the commanding lyrics as STORRY questions why her partner loves her. STORRY provides strong vocals as you feel every word she is saying as she expresses her feelings which some listeners may find relatable.

“I wanted to write a song about how I often don’t feel worthy of the love, time, and energy that my partner shows me. Sometimes I have slumps of depression or my trauma creeps back up on me and I’m like, “Why the hell does this person want to stay with me and deal with all this crap?” I’m learning about love, and damn, it’s a magical thing.”


Not only is STORRY a singer-songwriter, but she is also a producer, director, and visual artist – having created a number of art pieces and received a number of awards and nominations for her music videos.

STORRY is on Instagram and Twitter

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