Today the spotlight is on Electroncia duo Lux Deus who are based in Gothenburg, Sweden.

The group formed in mid 2016 after longtime collaborators Rob Mel and Mathias found a unique sound that brought them closer together, Lux Deus have not looked back since.

Blending different elements of genres such as House, Funk, Pop, Disco an Fusion, their music has since been described as having a feeling of old school but with a contemporary touch.

Despite the provocative title their debut single ‘you catch me like a virus’ undoubtedly has that feel good factor.

The song speaks on stepping away from fake friends, being true to yourself, and succeeding even when the people around you don’t want you to. So in short – Postive vibes only!

It’s a great message perfectly packaged in great vocals, a melodic up tempo beat and catchy lyrics.

The song is a great introduction to the duo and we can only hope that they continue in this vein for their future releases.

Further details on Lux Deus can be found on their website or you can follow them on social media at and

You can listen to Lux Deus’s new single You Catch Me Like A Virus here

Whether you’re relaxing in the sun, blasting it in your car during a road trip, or listening through headphones at the gym in your last minute efforts to snag that summer body, this song should definitely be making your playlist.

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