If you’ve been following IndustryMe for a while, you’ll know London-based rock band Superfecta is no stranger to the site. With the release of their new album, Disconnect, the band gets to showcase their metal/grunge inspiration while also creating their own distinct sound in the process.

A Little Secret

In the first track from their album Disconnect, Superfecta’s sound is reminiscent of two timeless bands: The Doors, a mainstay of the late ‘60s and early ‘70s, and Alice in Chains, one of the “Big Four” of grunge. With leader singer Roberto Negrini’s Jim Morrison-esque vocals and rough AIC instrumentals, “A Little Secret” has its own distinct sound.

Blacked Out

This fast-paced rocker is the perfect tune to amp you up! Though the guitars and drums are certainly a focal point, Negrini cannot be ignored. His vocals are smooth but harsher when necessary, pairing nicely with the loud instruments while not taking over the whole song. If you’re looking for a punk-inspired song to rock out to, “Blacked Out” is for you.

Break the Frame

While “Blacked Out” is the ultimate rock and roll hype song, “Break the Frame” forces the listener to calm down. The type of song you’d be almost afraid of hearing on a dark, gloomy night, the pace starts out slowly, providing a peaceful yet nearly sinister tone while Negrini’s vocals break through the sound with cries of temptation, destruction, and frustration. Again, the languid instruments and vocals seem to pay homage to Seattle legends Alice in Chains.  


Speeding things up is “Insomnia,” which predominantly features Carl Highman and his bass with a special focus on drummer Matthew Vella. “Insomnia” is placed perfectly on the album, as the sound, loud and faster,  emphasizes the inability to sleep by following the somber “Break the Frame.” It immediately wakes the listener up, going even further more than halfway through the track when it really speeds up with a guitar solo from Danun Todd.


“Leviathan” adds a nice touch to the album, including more than just your usual vocals and instrumentals. Some brief spoken word bits can be heard at the beginning before the track starts to pick up with Negrini’s lyrics and closer towards the end of the song, at which point the tempo decreases. In another band, the vocals could easily be drowned out by the track’s strong instrumentals, but Negrini’s vocals are too powerful to be missed. Overall, “Leviathan” is a great song to sit back and headbang to.

The Abyss

Readers may recognize “The Abyss,” as it was featured on IndustryMe back in June, and it certainly still holds up. Adding their own twist to the style of classic metal, Superfecta really emphasizes the drums in this track, making Vella the real star of the song. However, that doesn’t mean the other members don’t get their time to shine. The guitars and bass are energetic, and the vocals are rough but strong, a common characteristic of the group.

Two Thirds

“Two Thirds” is a perfect way to close out the album. Switching between boisterous instrumentals and drawn-out vocals to acoustic guitars and soft, melodic singing throughout the track allow Superinfecta to leave a lasting impression on the listeners mind. The contradictory styles bleed into each other and are a definite highlight of the album. “Two Thirds” is a great example of just how versatile the band is.

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