Still reeling from the success of her single ‘Fall back‘, Marcelle Adrianna has joined forces with best friend Toronto native Monique Amarylis for their new single ‘Switch Up’ produced by Miguel London and J Tech.

Drawing inspiration from the likes of TLC and Kehlani the R&B infused mid tempo number evokes an alluring yet mellow ambience.

The vocal blend between these two ladies also worked well, possibly best showcased in the outro and final chorus, in which the pair both deliver some soulful ad-libs.

The light sprinkle of harmonies across the song was a subtle yet effective way to incorporate an added layer of soul for listeners to appreciate.

Speaking on the song Marcelle shared:

We’re best friends so we talk about everything together. Most of the time we put our conversations into the music . Relationships and guys not being exempt! Guys have tendencies to blow hot and cold on you at times. We wanted our own version of Brandy and Monica’s the boy is mine but instead of fighting over the guy we’re bringing you into our girl talk about the ups and downs of a relationship!”