Tai Verdes

Tai Verdes Releases His Newest Single, 3 Outfits

The chart-topping breakout TikTok star of 2020, Tai Verdes, has released the latest single from his forthcoming sophomore album ‘HDTV’.  Unabashed lyrics with a catchy tune, 3 outfits is a song you’ll be replying in your head for days and you won’t be too sad about either.

Tai wants to know his lover from all angles in this song. He wants at least three pictures […] in that outfit’ but ‘Don’t forget the flash’, what woman could ever forget the flash, Tai ?! But it’s not just the cheeky elements of Tai’s relationship that inspire this song. Tai finds himself now loving ‘shows with captions’ and even ‘crocheting some shit’. The things that Tai once disliked have now become things that he loves thanks to his infatuation with his lover.

The music video for ‘3 outfits’ excels the song to another level. The video follows a headline-making romance between Tai and his lover. In the music video Tai plays a star basketball player and it’s no wonder as 6’7 Tai himself used to play for his college team.

Throughout the music video we see the journey of Tai’s romance as the complications of love transcend and intertwine through the lyrics and visuals. In the beginning Tai is distracted by his lover and his basketball career suffers. By the end of the video Tai realises his mistakes and instead takes his romance as an inspiration to do better; as Tai’s team win the championship the lyrics ‘come save me’ are repeated over and over by Tai, and his lover has done just that.

In both the music video and the single, Tai Verdes perfectly encapsulates the ups and downs of love whilst providing an upbeat tune with cheeky lyrics that are sure to give you that summertime feel.

Tai can be seen on his 22 city 2022 HDTV Tour which kicked off on 28th March as well as across the music festival circuit this year with performances at multiple world renowned festivals such as Reading and Leeds Festival and Bottlerock Festival.

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