Recently named as one of the top rising artists of 2019, Tebi Rex explode back onto the scene with infectiously catchy single ‘Financial Controller’.

This song centres around being an artist making music in 2019; having money, but not enough to overtly flex it. After all, a flex in today’s society is having enough cash to get next-day delivery on an online order, or getting a double vodka mixer at a concert!

The lightness this duo brings to hip-hop as a genre is something that is yet to be explored further, and is exciting to hear from such fresh perspectives.

Hip-hop may be the main focus of Tebi Rex, but the levels of synth pop and dance music that intertwine themselves into this song (and others in their discography) is fun and compelling to listen to.

The modern use of digitalized beats in this song give it a summer vibe and makes it an easy listen. When you focus into the lyrics however, there is a deeper message here.

The lyrics ‘but the money can’t change us’ caught my attention as the idea behind these words is a huge problem in today’s society.

It has become a common occurrence for people to change when money starts to come in. it is rare for a musician to stay down-to-earth and not change who they are to suit and agenda, and the fact that these musicians are pretty self-aware of this fact is interesting to say the least.

Overall, this song is a definite toe-tapper and is a perfect showcase of the duo’s rhythmic pop energy, while still keeping true to their hip-hop/dance roots.

Find the song, and other bangers including ‘Men are Trash’ and ‘No.1 Symbol of Peace’ on Spotify

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Written by Abbie Meehan

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