“I cannot come and die”

– Tolly T of the Receipts Podcast

If our post on podcasts didn’t already give it away, the IndustryMe team are avid listeners of The Receipts Podcast. Today’s post was inspired by a phrase frequently coined by Tolly T during the course of the show.

As creatives, we often get swept up in the wave of “the grind don’t stop” mentality, so much so that at times we inadvertently end up drowning.

In circumstances like these, it’s important to take a step back to breathe, recharge and take care of yourself.

Women looking extremely tired and burnt out on the train ride home from work

We all having a burning passion that drives us through times of exhaustion, frustration, and hardship. But if we do not nurture it and take the time to add fuel to those flames, we’ll inevitably burn ourselves out.

You’re probably thinking; Ray why are you being so loud?

Amidst my chuckles my answer is, that I too am guilty of doing all of the above. But like today’s quote suggests, I cannot disproportionately burden myself in pursuit of a dream – at least not for all 365 days of the year.

This Christmas I am determined to do things differently. Here’s to hoping you’ll join me on this journey with these 3 tips for surviving the Christmas holidays.

1. Unplug

Step away from your emails. I repeat step away from your emails. Resist that temptation to check, because let’s be honest opening that notification is as good as falling down the rabbit hole. And we all know how that turned out for Alice.

I don’t suggest you do this on Christmas Day. I am neither cruel nor unreasonable.

If your food is going to look even half as good as the way my family throw it down in the kitchen, you are not going to want to miss those naturally instagrammable moments. (See I am still a creative at heart)

All jokes aside, the important point to note here is not have a designated period of time where you’re not working, even if it’s just a few hours each day.

This leads me onto point number two.

2. Prioritise self care

I phone music playlist on Spotify with a nice cup of coffee and a note pad in a small independent London cafe

This is a phrase that gets thrown around a lot, ironically quite inssesntly by the creative community- but what does it even mean?

Self Care is not a primark stretchy vest. There is no one size fits all.

And do you know what? That’s perfectly okay!

Self care is whatever it means to you. Whether that’s catching up on your favourite Netflix series, (we actually just recommended some great Christmas movies), or reading a book, do whatever works for you.

For me that’s a lush face mask and a nice bath bomb with a tub of dairy free ice cream and some Tchaikovsky if I am really pushing the boat out.

If it relaxes you and helps you to temporarily hit pause – go for it!

Now for my final tip.

3. Reconnect

No I am not taking about business contacts, or work emails but rather that friend whose text you’re sure you replied to.

As understanding as our friends may be about our reign checks, cancelled plans and unpredictable schedules, they deserve our time and attention too.

Whilst in this period of relaxation, what better time to show those who have been in your corner how much you appreciate them.

Who knows you may even have fun, once you get passed the intial anxiety of being away from your phone. Trust me once you overcome the first 5 minutes of panic it can actually be quite liberating. Plus an excuse to dress up, celebrate and make new memories can never be seen as a bad thing right?

So to all my friends out there, sorry not sorry, those annoying mushy texts will be finding their way to your WhatsApp very soon.

If you found this helpful be sure share and tweet to let us know how your journey is going @industrymee


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