Red is an EP that was released by The Crowning during the early months of 2018. It is the second EP from the Pennsylvania alternative rockers. They have already developed a fanbase in their region but they are now hoping to break into a wider scene. The band’s line-up features Micah Martin on vocals and guitar, Ty Nordstrom on bass, Walter Lee on drums, and Ace Hendrix on lead guitar.

During the short history of the band they have already opened for several major touring acts and received airplay from well over 100 indie and college radio stations. Their emotionally charged songs are songs relatable to the everyday listener. Consequentially, the band has quickly garnered a large following but this is only the beginning.

Industry Me have previously reviewed the song She’s Running. So, it was delightful that there was an opportunity to review the new EP.

The album features six songs called Fade, In the Fire, Red, She’s Running, Stay and Hard to Find.


Fade is a heavy song that opens the six track EP. The most attracting aspect of this song is the power guitar and bass that zones the listener into the song. The lyrical content of the song is based around a person singing about another, begging them not to fade away. This is delivered with masculine husky vocals of Micah Martin.

As well as the guitar the drums are clearly noticeable and add to the aggression released throughout the song. The high-pitched guitar riff is also an enjoyable section of the song.

In the Fire

In the fire is a song that will get any grunge fan excited. No commercialism, no over production, raw and aggressive, just what rock n roll should be. The lyrics of this song are very thought-provoking and clearly the song may have any number of meanings.

Another strong performance by drummer Walter Lee on this track. Lee keeps the rhythm at a well-shaped pace. Consequentially, this adds to the overall sound of The Crowning.


Red is an alternative rock song that is focused around Martin’s melodic vocals. The lyrics of this song feature the themes of youthful birth and youthful mortality. Perhaps the lyrical content is a statement of the society we live in today.

It is the first slower song on the EP. Although it does feature heavy guitar chords, a heavy bassline and edgy drumming, the song provides some weary vibes. The more the EP goes on the greater vision of a group dynamic appears and a signature sound is forming.

She’s Running

She’s running changes the tone slightly. Although there is a grunge element to the song, it sounds like it is more of a UK indie inspired track. The song has hands in the air chorus that will please many types of crowds from a variety of venues.

The song is about a lonely girl who does not know exactly what to do with herself. The choices she makes still leaves her feeling alone.

The instrument playing on this track is to be commended. Possibly the best song on the EP both lyrically and musically. Given the right amount of play time, it is a track that could grant The Crowning many fans.


Stay opens like a melodic hymn, perhaps more shoegazing than grunge. However, it is not long before we hear the signature edgy drum beats from Walter Lee.

The song is about a man who seems to be immovable. No matter what situation or adversary the man is facing he repeatedly says that he will stay. The story is told by the singer who demonstrates his impressive vocal range

Hard to Find

The closing track on the album is arguably, Martin’s best vocal performance on the EP. The song itself is about the concept of love and perhaps some problems surrounding it.

Another high-pitched guitar riff from Ace Hendrix draws in the listener before the sharp baselines from Ty Nordstrom. The momentum of the song is enjoyable as it starts on one level but then once the hook is dropped the song moves up a good few levels.

The ending is a fitting one as Martin sings about wanting it all. It is a euphoric song for the band to finish on and provides a lasting memory for the listener.

Overall the EP is a brilliant piece of work. It is not hard to imagine that the band will have success amongst fans of alternative music given the right airplay. It would be easy for us to compare the band to some of the bigger names in world music but it would not do the quality of music justice. The Crowning are their own band in their own right and Industry Me is tipping them to have a successful future.

You can listen to Red by The Crowning by clicking here.

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