So many talented artists, so little time.

It seems like every day, there’s a new track waiting to be listened to, a new artist trying to get their name out there. It can be hard to keep up. After all, there’s only so many hours in the day. So how can you know what you should be listening to? Well, at IndustryMe, we’ve compiled the top female pop artists you have to listen to.

Brooke Alexx

2019 has been a huge year for Nashville-based Brooke Alexx. She released her first EP, booked her first tour, headlined her first show. Talk about amazing!

Brooke Alex smiling

With all of these milestones going down this year, there’s no telling what she’ll accomplish in 2020, so it’s probably wise to hop on the bandwagon now. Check out her EP, Me, and prepare to be blown away.

Maggie Szabo

What’s cooler than being a talented artist? Being a fighter for human rights and equality. And Maggie Szabo? She’s both. Does it get any better? Not really.

Maggie szabo looking into the distance

In 2019, she’s released new music, reached over two million streams on Spotify for her single ‘Heaven,’ and performed at Equality Fashion Week’s Opening Gala back in October. What’s not to love?

Georgia Meek

Georgia Meek refers to herself as the “goth queen on the pop scene,” so you know she’s unique. Her booming vocals and strong style make her a stand out star this year in music, and you just know she has a lot more in store for 2020.

Gerorgia meek in a red blazer

She’s just released her debut EP, Pop Culture, and we can’t wait to see her next visuals and hear her next tune.

Sydney Cope

Actor. Dancer. Singer. Sydney Cope is the triple threat you should have your eyes (and ears) on in 2020. One look at her Instagram feed, and you know she’s almost too cool.

Sydney cope in a yellow tee shirt

After the October release of ‘Lost In My Own Thoughts,’ it’s impossible to deny that the girl has star power. 


In 2019, Kathana decided to start her artist project, and since then, she’s proven herself to be someone you should be listening to. This year has been all about finding her sound, both through her own singles and her collaborations.

Kathana looking sassy in a black blouse

Kathana’s puts her own unique spin on the indie pop genre, and if you’re not listening to her, you’re really missing out. Check out ‘Running Wild,’ and you’ll know exactly what we mean.

Maddy Newton

Maddy Newton is proving herself to be an absolute pop darling, taking her rightful place at the top. Frequently collaborating with other talented women who both co-write and produce her songs, she’s clearly all about girl power and is a total boss lady.

Nashville singer Maddy Newton

Another Nashville lady, her lyrics are clever and real. Listen to her latest single ‘Say Sorry’ to find out what Maddy Newton is about.

Valencia James

Valencia James is already an instant classic. Her vocals are insane (in a good way, of course!), and, combined with her lyrics, you can’t help but feel what she’s singing deep in your soul.

Valencia James

Whether it’s a solo song or a collaboration (you should check out her collab with LX Mason, another artist you should be listening to), Valencia James brings it. Don’t believe us? Check out her latest song, ‘Need.’

Callaghan Belle

Somehow, Callaghan Belle’s music manages to be simple but also complex, different but familiar all the same.

Pop singer Callaghan belle

Making frequent use of the piano, her songs are somewhat of a throwback while still melting perfectly into a contemporary sound and world. She recently released her album, Sovereign, which is a masterclass in releasing vulnerability and sadness into a musical form.

Karolina Rose

Sweet dark pop. That’s how Karolina Rose describes the music she makes, and it’s fitting. Her music and aesthetic is perfectly moody.

Pop singer karolina rose

2020 is shaping up to be big for Karolina Rose, as her upcoming EP will be released next year and she has already announced her first show at The Study Hollywood in January. In the meantime, listen to her cover of Shakira’s ‘Objection’ as a primer.

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