the kut release new single

Booming guitars. Crashing Drums. Exuberant vocals. All of these elements and more can be heard in “Hollywood Rock n Roll,” the second single from The Kut, found on their new album Valley of Thorns.

To best describe the latest track from the alter-ego of multi-instrumentalist Princess Maha, two adjectives are necessary: loud and punk. The track’s lyrics are simple, emphasizing the trouble found everywhere, from Los Angeles to London. They also serve as a reminder (or perhaps warning): The Kut is here, and they’re ready to take the music world by storm.

The chorus is more of a chant, as Princess Maha practically shouts the refrain “Hollywood rock n roll” over and over again. It is that repetitiveness that makes the track so catchy. After listening to the song, it would be hard not to find yourself quietly (or loudly) singing the phrase time after time.

“Hollywood Rock n Roll” contains booming guitars, crashing drums, and exuberant vocals, all perfect elements for a band making waves in the Alt Rock scene. In line with its grunge predecessors, the track manages to be polished and cohesive while also embracing the spirit and sound of a garage band.

The Kut’s aggressive and loud style in “Hollywood Rock n Roll” is reminiscent of classic grunge/punk and riot grrrl artists of the 1990s, such as Sleater-Kinney or Hole. At the same time, the band takes cues from the Pixies and Nirvana, as the track undergoes a tempo change in the middle. While most of the song is fast, when the chorus is sung for the second time, the music slows down a bit. In both cases, The Kut’s ode to some legendary acts definitely works in the track’s favor, creating a familiar yet assertive sound.

Clocking it at just under three minutes, “Hollywood Rock n Roll” is no lengthy listen by any means. However, throughout the song’s duration, you are sure to lose yourself, headbang for those couple minutes, and crave more of what Kerrang! Magazine has described as “a neat twist on grunge pop.”

So if you’re itching for a modern take on ‘90s grunge, look no further than The Kut’s new single “Hollywood Rock n Roll.”

If you’re in the UK, catch The Kut on tour!

July 6 – Northleach, UK – AMPLIFIED Festival
July 7 – Cheltenham, UK – Cotswold Inn
July 13 – King’s Lynn, UK – Festival Too
July 14 – Shrewsbury, UK – WEMSTOCK FESTIVAL

For more information on The Kut – and to find out where else you can catch them this summer – visit their website, and be sure to follow them on Twitter and Facebook.