The Return Of Katy B

Guest article written by Danielle Egele

After a 5 year break, due to endless touring, pop star sensation, Katy B, has returned to the music scene with her latest release titled” Under My Skin”.

With the singer’s 2010 debut album “On a Mission” ranking at No.2 on the UK album chart, it comes as no surprise that the 32-year-old has released yet another banger.

The 2010 album undoubtedly paved the way for women vocalists in dubstep and became a staple of British culture, with the pop star being described as “a new breed of singer” back in 2011 by the BBC.

Katy’s ”Under My Skin” takes listeners on a journey of heartbreak and uncovering bittersweet memories, all whilst, of course, being enthralled by her amazing vocals and captivating visuals. Without a doubt, Katy’s authenticity as well as her both youthful and mature vocals show through any music she creates so it’s clear to see why the musician has remained an extremely likeable pop icon even after taking time off.

It’s evident that the artist is well-rested and ready to give us the timeless hits that we didn’t know we needed. The star’s sound has evidently taken a trendier and catchy turn; in comparison to her hit 2013 single “Crying  For No Reason” even though both singles are centered around heartbreak.

The artist’s laidback, yet still upbeat, the sound is shown throughout her latest album Peace and Offerings, with hits such as “Open Wound” and “Daydreaming on a Tuesday”.

Listen to Peace and Offerings by Katy B here:

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