Tia Lowe Comes with a Different Flavour on Latest Track ‘Always’

Tia Lowe is an artist who certainly grabs your attention with her angelic vocals, as shown on tracks like ‘So Easy‘. The London singer is back with the first solo release of 2024, and she’s bringing something new to the table. The revival in UKG has been great to see and Lowe takes advantage on ‘Always‘.

Her voice fits nicely over the mellower garage beat as she documents someone who is ‘always on her mind’. While known for neo-soul, this new single highlights versatility, showing the musician has plenty of artistry to give her audience. This is emphasised by the fact Tia co-produced the track alongside Lou Mullenger and the main producer, Judah Jump.

If you’re in your feelings or thinking about that special someone but need something to skank to, then this might be the song for you.

Tia Lowe is on Instagram, X, and TikTok. You can read more news pieces here and stream the track below.

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