Justina, Marcelle and Kesha are a three piece girl group called Billii from south London who all met and grew up together in church. They are an RnB group with an infusion of other influences from soul to hip hop , jazz, pop and gospel.
IndustryMe sat down with the group to find out about their journey so far.

What makes you stand out from other groups?

All: everybody is down with rnb and its changed but we’re trying to bring back how rnb used to be a real throwback sound. At the moment the industry has been seeing a come back with girl groups but there’s no one from London that’s really like us. We’re here to continue the girl group reign for girl groups like Destiny’s child, TLC, En- vogue.

What’s the best thing about performing?

Kesha: The best thing is the excitement and the support from people that haven’t necessarily heard us before and getting the feedback afterwards and getting to perform with the girls .

Justina : yeah the fact that we’re all together and we hold eachother up. Like when I’m nervous I’ve got my girls.

Who takes the longest to get ready for a show?

Marcelle & Justina : Kesha

How did the band start?

Marcelle : It was my idea
Kesha: No we grew up together and they couldn’t live without me, but we did sing together a lot when we were younger .

Justina : No I didn’t sing with you Kesha

Marcelle: We had a group when we were 9 and we sang like one song.

Justina : Marcelle and I were wondering about who we could add to the group and remembered Kesha so she showed me her youtube videos of her singing so we facebooked her and the rest was history.

How do you maintain your individual styles while being in a group?

Marcelle: Fashion wise sure we have individual styles but we don’t usually differ that must taste wise Justina is more of the girly girl and if she could have it her way would have us in skirts and heels all the time. Whereas Kesha and I are more on the tomboy side. But we usually meet in the middle and then put our own spins on things. Music wise we like the same music so if one of us likes something the others will too. We usually have the same taste in things .

If you were stranded on a desert island and you could only have one item what would it be and why?

Kesha : Mine would be my phone

Marcelle : I’d take my boyfriend

Justina : Yeah a friend

Kesha : Actually I’d take my boyfriend too I’d live without my phone

Who would you most like to collaborate with? 

Kesha & Marcelle : BAE LANI (kehlani)

All: Beyonce , Drake , Steff London, Lady Leshurr, M.O , Stormzy

Marcelle : And Justine Skye and Vybz Kartel and Bobii Lewis

What’s at the top of your Christmas Wish list?

Kesha : Ring from my boyfriend

Marcelle : A car

Justina : A house

Well it looks like Santa has got his work cut out for him.

We look forward to seeing more of the girls in the New Year!

Twitter: WeAreBillii| Instagram: WeAreBillii | Youtube: WeAreBillii

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