Welcome to the world of Krystatic, a Midlands songwriter, performer and recording artist who began rapping in 2002 at the age of twelve. After listening to artists such as Biggie, 2Pac, So Solid Crew, Dizzee Rascal, LL Cool J and his favourite artist Nas, Chris Harvey aka Krystatic knew that the music industry was somewhere he felt he belonged.
Industry me caught up with Krystatic to talk about life as an up and coming rapper.

How did you come up with your name?

I came up with my unique rap name as Chris is my first name and static is because l’m full of energy when l’m performing live on stage so formed it together and made it as Krystatic.

How would you describe your sound?

I would describe my sound as creative, catchy, inspirating and something that fans can relate to when they hear my music.

How have you evolved as an artist since releasing your first solo album in 2009?

I’ve evolved alot since 2009, I was privileged enough to go on tour supporting Ja Rule in Brazil, Soulja Boy in Amsterdam and T.I in Atlanta, USA meeting deferent cultures and ambitious musicians. I learnt how they do things outside of England making you come back to England with a whole new mindset and ambition to achieve much better success in the music industry.

What’s your favourite song to perform?

My favorite song to perform is “The King The MC.

What’s the biggest challenge youve faced being an up and coming hiphop artist?

My biggest challenge was definitely building my own fan base. l’ve spoken to industry professionals and it’s not and easy thing to do but they told me the key, first they listen to your music, they like your music and they buy your music plus becoming a fan, if you swap the order it not going to work.

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