This week we introduce British Afrobeat artist Selecta Aff.
The singer debuted in 2012 with the song “Fine Girl”. The single landed him a nomination at the Ghana Music Awards (GMA) for Best Act of The Year.

After taking some time out to develop his craft, Selecta Aff returned to the scene with his hit single ‘El Shaddai’.

Following his signing with Controversy Records the singer has gone on to release hit and hit,  showing no sign of slowing down.

IndustryMe caught up with Selecta Aff to discuss his journey so far.

If you weren’t pursuing a career in music what would you be doing?

I would be working in the music business as a manager or something else

What’s your favourite thing about going on tour?

its always great to connect with my fans and get familiar with the media

What’s been the highlight of your career so far?

I really enjoyed performing all over Ghana and Nigeria over the course of 2016. What amazing  journey it has been!

Which artist would you most like to collaborate with right now ?

At the moment I’m already working with few artist from Ghana and I’ve currently got 4 artists under my movement Boom bling Nation

When did you realise that music could be a life long career?

I knew music was something that I could fight for because it was a part of the way I was brought up. Music was something that was a big part of my childhood.

What’s the plan for 2017?

I will be touring around Europe,  with my fellow brothers from the UK, MK, Larry & Harry, Kwame Jay and the whole camp.

We can’t wait for the tour! Be sure to check out Selecta Aff’s Music on YouTube, ITunes and Spotify!