Töme Releases Highly Anticipated Album, LÖV (Love Over Vanity)

Nigerian French-Canadian singer-songwriter, Töme is offering a unique sound to the ever-changing music scene. A quick recap of what this trailblazer has got up to so far on her musical journey; beginning in 2015 with a self-recorded five-track acoustic EP titled One with Self, Töme went professional in 2019 before releasing her next album Bigger Than 4 Walls (BT4W) in May 2020, followed by the three-song pack, I Pray which has a Sean Kingston feature1. Then, in 2021 Töme was Junos Award Winner of the Reggae Record of the Year. She has shared stages with artists like Wizkid and Burna Boy and names influences such as ‘Erykah Badu, Alicia Keys, Rihanna, Fela Kuti and Wande Coal’ for her music2. 

Töme has played and mingled with a variety of genres; from the more soulful endeavours, to Afropop centred tracks and this album is no different. There are multicultural influences evident throughout the tracks, some veering in one genre direction more than others with others featuring a whole new exploration of instrumentation. Töme has created a very unique sound that has layers of complexity and shouldn’t be underestimated. Said to explore themes of ‘love, hard work, passion, resilience, focus, patience, and sacrifice’, Töme is hoping to spread the narrative of love in every shape and form and the reflective nature love should have. When we focus that love onto ourselves, Töme displays how this equates to the love we give others and helps us address our worth, stating ‘Live by Love over Vanity’. 

Beginning with NOBODY ELSE, produced by Yung Willis, Töme displays confidence in creating a reliable R&B record with a classically superb melody that holds a softness throughout but doesn’t lose its presence. Following this, HOLD YOU, features the Mozambican trio Yaba Buluku Boyz and surrounds the narrative of desire to ‘hold’ the person they care for the most and share the intimacy that comes from physical touch. Alongside those mentioned above, Töme has brought in multiple producers to aid in the creation of this album and the talent is clear to see. 

Currently, my favourite track on the album is GOOD LIFE offering a beautiful vocal performance and good vibes throughout. This light-hearted song still carries weight and the backing has been produced very well to compliment Töme’s voice and maintain the listener’s interest without getting repetitive. 

Töme has used a mixture of musical styles to create a diverse release that gets the listener swaying to the synths and beats and venturing on her journey to explore new sounds in a jungle of the music industry. She has given her listeners a valuable opportunity with this album; to discover new music, delve into a fusion of genres outside of their regular listening and embrace a talented artist. 

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