Hi guys Andreia here. This month on IndustryMe we will be talking about Photography so I am here today to share with you my top 5 photo editing apps for beginners.

Let’s be honest for a second guys.. No matter who you are we all want to post good photos to our social media.. Am I right?? Well luckily due to the technology advanced world we live in that is possible through the use of photo editing apps. So whether you are a professional photographer or a stay at home mum with the apps I will be telling you about today I promise that your photos will be looking on point. So without further ado here are my top 5 photo editing apps.

  • Lightroom- Lightroom is an app mostly used to apply what they call presets which in other words means filters. With Lightroom you can purchase presets from a lot of influencers or you can create your own. With purchase presets everything is already set and tweaked to the levels the creator has chosen so that you can get the same photo finish as they have on the images they post. If you choose to create your own you personally have to choose everything yourself from temperature of the image to the clarity so it’s 100% personalised by you. 
  • Snapseed – snapseed is quiet similar to Lightroom but you don’t create or buy presets. So you edit the image entirely yourself. My favourite part about this app is that you can brighten certain parts of the image rather than the whole image all together. So if you have a shadow in the picture that you don’t like you can select that area and brighten that area up. Notice in the below picture that on the before picture the area around my nose is a little darker than in the after picture. This was done using the selective tool on Snapseed.
  • Unfold – you see when those popular Instagram accounts post those cute pics on a plain background with a caption underneath in a cute font? Well they use this app. Doesn’t really do much else but I think it definitely gives your photos that little bit more of an edge.
  • ColorStory – This app is fabulous for adding different filters to your photos. It’s really simple and straightforward to use and you will have you photos looking amazing in a matter of seconds.
  • POTO– I really enjoy using this app because it’s so fun to play with. You can create picture collages but you can also add fun stickers and filters to your pictures.

Do you have any app recommendations for us? Leave them in the comments.

Until next time