A culmination of Acoustic, pop and indie sounds, wittily titled Four in the Morning by upcoming singer Trevor Douglas serves as a great taster of the artist’s ability.

As the the title suggest, the EP sounds like a collection of reflections you would have in the early hours of the morning – giving the project a very human touch. This leaves you with a connection with the artist from the very beginning making the songs all the more relatable.

So let me break it down


Pressure was perhaps my least favourite track of the EP. For me it felt like it took too long to get into the song. It left a lot to be desired vocally until the bridge. With that being said I enjoyed the production, particularly in regards to the guitar melody.


It’s the small details that brought this song together; a primary example of this being the guitar riffs in the pre-chorus.

Emotionally intense right from the outset, this was a track brimming with anger and riddled with indignation.

I’d hate to be on the receiving end of that!

The song also had an enjoyable raunchy undertones, which added a whole new element to Trevor’s vocals.

While I do feel that the song did end a little abruptly, it definitely comes highly recommended.

Take this back

I was taken aback by the change in tempo from this song. Given its title I was expecting something a little more sombre but this song made for a nice change.

The song speaks of wanting to rewind back to simpler to times, I mean don’t we all? Take this back serves you a blast from past with non stop naughties nostalgia.

Throwback feels and feel good vibes, absolutely no complaints there!

Stay by your side

It was nice to hear a change in emphasis on the instrumentation with more of a focus on the piano melodies in this song.

The track was a well executed indie spin on the classic narrative of “I can treat you better than he can”

Perhaps unsurprisingly this was my favourite song from the EP. I loved the song’s structure, the textural changes in the instrumentation, the harmonies dotted along the melody lines and the occasional falsetto.

The song even had a short outro (I’m sure you all know how much I love a good outro by now)

The track was spot on from start to finish and is a sound I hope to see Trevor explore further in the future.

Hold me

Both poignant and relatable hold me vocally depicts the realities of ‘The come down’. When all is said and done and the anger fades and you realise that the love is still there.

Gentle and heartfelt, the story of the song was conveyed beautifully.

I think this song would be amazing to see on stage with a live band to create the optimal ambience.


Dandelion was a wonderful showcase of Trevor’s vocal range married beautifully with great vocal production. The song as you’ll hear particularly in Trevor’s lower register is most certainly influenced by the sounds of Ed Sheeran.

There is a continuation of gentleness with heart warming vocal riffs and Trevor’s endearing Falsetto in the instrumental breakdown.

Overall, I thought this was a very well put together EP with a consistent theme that came together well.

Singer Trevor Douglas four in the morning EP review

Here’s what happened when IndustryMe caught up with Trevor to discuss the EP

Which song were you most nervous about putting out on the EP and why?

Definitely Dandelions. That song was so far left field in comparison to the rest of my songs, so I was worried people wouldn’t receive that well. It’s a different style than the rest of the EP and the structure of the song is really different than your usual pop song. But it’s actually been a stand out for a lot of people which makes me really happy that the risky step payed off haha.

Which song pushed you the most vocally and why did you decide to go in this musical direction?

I’d say Hold Me. That track had the most range vocally compared to any other tracks, so it was hard for me to find the right key to put it in. I really needed to belt that last chorus so that the build up would fit the emotion of the song.

I am hearing hints of Ed Sheeran in songs like pressure, would you say that he is a musical inspiration?

Haha yeah he is! I really fell in love with his music in high school and it shaped me as an artist. He showed me all the things I can do on my own. His story really resonated with me too.

Who else inspires the music you make?

Artist wise, William Singe is the reason I started producing my own music. I would listen to his covers and be amazed that he recorded it all his own, so I started trying to do the same. Then Charlie Puth as well, because he also writes/produces all his own music.

What do you want people to take away from hearing this EP?

I want it to make them feel something. I write my songs from a very honest and vulnerable place and, in my mind, as long as I do that it will resonate with people.

Trevor Douglas four in the morning ep review