As a 19-year-old artist, songwriter, sound engineer and Warwick Law and sociology student Truthz spends his time it balancing his university work with his aspiring music career.   He writes, produces, directs and mixes and also helps newer artists with some of these these tasks. Aside from all of this, he is founder of ‘The Flow Society’ a new Warwick society which promotes Warwick creative/musical talent, as well as an executive member of the Warwick ‘Hip Hop Society.’

IndustryMe caught up with Truthz to discuss his journey so far.

IM: How would you describe your sound?

T: Although my sound is heavily influenced by RnB, Dancehall and Afrobeats, it has always been highly dependent on my personal experiences. This makes my sound more relatable to a wider audience.

IM: What inspires you to make music?

T: Music has always been very personal to me, like most people music is a necessary part of everyday life. Whether that be when I’m cleaning, revision or working out music is there. So when going through my own experiences I get inspired to make music. Not only to get my ideas out but also to attract people who feel like they can relate.

IM: What’s the hardest thing about being an independent artist?

T: Even though being independent does not mean being alone, the difficulties you can face when alone can often arise when being independent. For example, I make both informal and executive decisions so I have to trust my judgement more so than some people. Choosing the appropriate people and methods to employ is a challenge, whether that be for promotional purposes or resource management to ensure I deliver the highest quality product.

IM: How do you make yourself stand out?

T: I am very big on quality control and making sure what I put out will be received well by the public. My priority within my music is staying true to myself, rather than following trends on what’s popular.

IM: What’s the best thing about performing?

T: The best thing about performing is seeing the crowd’s reaction to my material, there’s no better feeling than watching someone say your own lyrics back to you.

IM: What’s the ultimate goal?

T: Ultimately the goal is to me happy and successful in music or in Law. However, I will continue to peruse music because I believe it is where I’m meant to be a success.

IM: Is there anyone in particular you want to collaborate with right now?

T: Within the UK I believe I would make successful music with artists such as Kojo Funds, Chip and Geko.

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