now or later by tyc ft sonny cover art

TyC has done it again. This time accompanied by the soulful vocals of Sonny Step. I’ll get into how dope those were in a minute but let’s take a moment to appreciate the amazing production work on this track.

After debuting smashing summer hit single “Get To Know Ya” with close friend and fellow Berklee alum, Nerose, Tyc is thrilled to release the follow up single, “Now Or Later,” with frequent music collaborator, good friend, and expressive vocalist- Sonny Step.  The track acts as a catalyst in exposing TyC’s diverse and unpredictable experience in the music industry. The multi-instrumentalist combines his unique pop sensibilities with a fresh electronic aesthetic, and lyrics that possess the unarguable strength of an R&B chart-topper. “Now Or Later” was written, recorded, produced and mixed all by TyC.

The percussion was a nice touch and thankfully not over done.

The beat brought it all the way back to the early 90s. My head bopping was almost a reflex when the beat dropped.

Gosh that electric guitar. You guys already know I’m a sucker for good harmonies and a guitar solo.

The recurring guitar riffs in prechorus had me sold.

I just didn’t want this track to end.

Very few beats get me really excited, but I couldn’t help but smile when this song played.

Authentic 90s music with a modern twist, what’s there not to love.

Beat appreciation complete, lets talk vocals.

Where do I begin with these smooth as butter sounds. Sonny was bringing back those old school R&B feels. He really reminded me of Ginuwine in the late 90s early 2000s era especially in prechorus.

This was hot – the steamy kind! When Sonny hit that falsetto it was game over.

In my opinion this was a 5 star track.

Listen to the song here and let me know your thoughts in the comments below