Up And Coming R&B Sensation, Tana Releases Rituals

Tana is an R&B artist based in the UK of Italian and Nigerian origin who is turning heads in
the industry with her distinctive look and vocals. She’s already made a name for herself as a
musician, demonstrating her versatility in terms of style and her ability to stand out and be

Tana being queer has made an impactful journey for herself throughout her music career as
well as in her personal life. It is a journey that she has gone through where she has found
her true being and she wants to utilise the platform she upholds to express and not only
hold a voice for herself but for others. In addition, for the lgbtq+ community and
representing its culture and values, for it to also become the new normal of recognition and
establishing change for the better in the music industry.

An artist that wants to establish her creativity and reach it to levels where it is taken to the
top and showcase herself to be a powerful singer-songwriter. As well as, for years and
decades to come where she could be that artist where she would not only be remembered
for her music but as an individual and for what she represents.
Tana has illustrated her music to be ‘unapologetic, revolutionary, and liberating, and she
places diversity at heart.’ Her recent single ‘ritual’, has most definitely displayed that’s what
it is. ‘Ritual’ starts off with a deep-like euphoric atmospheric sound, where it gives imagery of a world where you are leading a pathway of manifesting your own goals and ambition, which therefore correlates to the lyrical meaning of the song where it elaborates on expecting something as a goal, such as money, wealth and diamonds and the aspiration of it, is her ritual of having it all.

Ritual has an empowering and confident tone to them, showing a desire for extravagant things
in life. It examines not having enough time and making the most of what you do have in
order to truly develop and live a comfortable lifestyle. As a result, in a time when many
people are hustling their way through life to be as successful and affluent as imaginable, I
believe this song will resonate with many individuals, particularly those who manifest their
goals and see the growth and results.

A catchy song with a rhythmic beat that will undoubtedly capture the attention of many. It’s
a track that exemplifies what music is all about today: defining sound while also projecting
a certain level of artist persona. Tana is making a long-term impact on the music scene with
great success; she brings the energy of gratitude as well as hard work.
For sure, check out Tana’s new single ‘Ritual’ on all available platforms, it’s highly
recommended and for sure you’ll like the sound of it.

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