Stuck on what to get for Valentine’s Day? That’s okay IndustryMe is here to help you find the perfect gift. In true IM fashion, all items featured come from independent retailers, the majority of which can be found on Etsy.

This gift guide features a range of quirky items which all retail for under £40

These items will hopefully pack a punch without burning a hole in your pocket.

Speaking of punch… let’s begin with Gift number one.

Inkermans’s Gin & Tonic Glass

While this isn’t exactly a music-themed gift, I am sure you will agree that the right drink helps to create the perfect ambiance. What better way to serve it than with this glass.

Not a fan of gin. No problem – you can be as creative as you like. This wide bowl-shaped glass is great for any cocktail (or mocktail) and is just the right size for you to catch a whiff of the greatness inside the cup.

Bear in mind, this item can be personalised to make it even more unique and memorable.

You can purchase this item directly from inkerman for £35.

Moving on to Gift number 2

Personalised Music Box

This item is a best seller for modo creative, and it’s hard not to see why.

Cute, fun and personal this item provides a thoughtful gift that really captures the essence of music and ones love for it.

The music box retails at £14.50 (plus shipping)

Gift number 3 is an item I intend to purchase for myself at some point this year.

Glass Light Block

This music is life glass light block by attic house, is ideal for a bedside table. Dainty elegant and simple, this gift is bound to brighten up any room instantly adding a dose of class.

It retails at £18.50 (plus shipping)

The final gift on this guide is one I am sure the ladies will love.

Treble Clef Necklace

What says I love music better than wearing a musical note around your neck. With this necklace, your loved one will have a physical reminder of the music she holds dear to her heart.

This necklace by BeauBellaJewellery retails at £26 (plus shipping)

Whichever gift you choose, I wish each of you a wonderful day filled with love and happy memories