UK singer/songwriter AdeJosh, has teamed up with Afro-pop sensation GB to release the new visuals for his new single ‘FYPM’

I have a funny feeling this song is about to be the freelancer anthem of the year.

As a creative there is nothing more annoying then chasing late invoices.

If I could put into words exactly how I feel in that moment this song would be it.

It’s a MOOD and then some.

Okay so maybe late invoices isn’t exactly what AdeJosh had in mind when writing this new track – it’s still a BOP though!

The song was both playful and engaging accompanied by clean youthful visuals, filmed by The Great Murshed and edited by JD The Vision.

FYPM, which I would describe as a UK take on Afro-pop, had an air of contagious confidence which I absolutely loved, not to mention notably catchy hook.

This is a song I anticipate frequenting a multitude of playlist simply for its relatable subject matter, slightly tongue and cheek approach and excellent replay value.

When ask about the inspiration behind the song AdeJosh stated:

“For me it’s all about knowing your worth and getting to the money” – Adejosh

I for one cannot argue with that and look forward to seeing how this upcoming artist will continue to make waves on the UK Afrobeat scene in 2019.