In this striking short-film (because calling it a “music video” would be a tad bitdisrespectful) directed by Aaron Imuere & Post Carlton, Fred Fredas stars alongside the gorgeous Arly Ifenedo in this sublime, unembellished visualtestimony of a high-functional, “co-dependant” relationship.   

Now, in alignment with the MacMillan Dictionary, a hallway can be defined as:

  1. Along narrow passage inside a building with doors along it leading to rooms
  2. The area inside thefront door of a house or other building that leadsto other rooms  

Here, Hallways are the meeting place for cherishing and animosity.

As the story literally unwinds in a slightly monochromatic setting, there sits a couple in their twenties across from one another at a dinner table, each with a still glass of water neither half empty nor half full. Tension had been looming a long while.

The joyful, content, aggressive and lonely moments are captured in a series ofevents that are both retrospective and introspective. Lifted by the seraphic vocals of Natsrochelle & Nia Ekanem, the couple go through what seem like themotions if the motions were impulsively trying to kill one another.

Making unbiased decrees of concern and thankfulness, Fred really changes the way weview things. Between bouts of emotional accessibility and a complete shutdownof the cerebrum are those unhurried stints spent isolated (by choice) far from the battlefield.

Hallways sent me In The Search For Love and what I found was peace of mind. Spacey Blak’s production left me longing for a Sunday taken to watch live music, indulge in some theatre – really investing in the arts. One of the best visuals I’ve seen to date.

More about Fred Fredas
23 year old, Fred Fredas is an Artist/Songwriter/Musician from South London. His masterful – poetic flow & hard-hitting lyrics, mixed with a clear love for soulful instrumentals; produces thought provoking, endlessly playable music. It is not hard to detect both American and British influence in Fredas’ work.
An astute and observant storyteller, he harnesses the immediacy of grime with the undeniable sheen of modern Hip-Hop.
Last year he opened up for Chip as part of the In the Round music series at the Roundhouse and has performed at renowned underground music events across London, including I Luv Live, This Is Wired, Sofar Sounds and Roundhouse Rising. In June 2018, he headlined at the Roundhouse and it was HUGE success performing tracks from his latest EP ‘In the Search for Love’