Following the release of their new video “Soul Off Freestyle” IndustryMe caught up Th£ Gaffa and Mikispeakz to dicuss their collaboration and plans for the future.

How did you both meet?

Gaffa: We met from going church together years ago, our mums were friends at church for years and so we got on and we both live in Mitcham. After we both stopped going we reconnected outside of church about last year and at this point we were both doing music so yeah haha.

Mikispeakz: Yeahh that’s family lol I’ve been calling his parents uncle and aunty for as long as I can remember. I didn’t really even know he rapped until about 2 years ago though and then yeah eventually we ended up going studio together

Th£ Gaffa and Mikispeakz shaking hands

Desribe the writing process for the song?

Gaffa: Well I had been sent the beat a couple months ago by Ramone Anthony (friend and producer) and came up with the first bar. Left it for months cos I didn’t know where to go from there but it just came to me one day. I only had the 30 second snippet of the beat so I would write as I much as I can in that 30 seconds, restart the beat but starting with the last bar I had previously written and write more till I had what you hear in the song. When we finally managed to loop the beat because I couldn’t do it and Ramone was at Uni, then my bit fitted in time much to my satisfaction haha

Mikispeakz: I had the first half of the verse from a while back from a tune that never ended up getting finished. Ramone had the soul off beat on loop in the background and I naturally started spitting that verse to myself, added a few finishing touches and the rest is history

How did you come up with concept for the video?

Gaffa: It was really the filmmakers Elijahn Rita and Kieran Reid! I told them how I felt about the song, and what it means to me and they took that and out came the video. I feel they deserve a lot of credit for the video because they took what I gave them and added some of what they felt from the song and out came the video

Mikispeakz: yeah we pretty much gave Kieran and Elijahn creative freedom to do what they want with the visuals

What’s next for the both of you?

Gaffa: Well we are not a duo but I enjoyed working with him and you’ll probably hear something else from us in the future. At the moment I plan to push this single with shows whenever I can perform and also finish up an EP that I am currently nearly halfway through writing. Making and releasing more music basically!

Mikispeakz: I can’t reveal anything just yet. Just keep your eyes peeled.

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