Introducing NYC’s Yarley G, a multi-genre hip hop / EDM / R&B fusion artist who just released a new compilation album titled Vivid Echoes!

Describing the album in his words:

This project is a chunk of me translated to music, and I hope my messages of positivity, love (for yourself and others), forgiveness, ambition,  empowerment and equality are conveyed to your ears. I found this purpose of speaking to people by transferring emotions through music.

Normally I would do a full album review, but with project having 14 songs I thought it best to stick to my favourites.

Our course it would be criminal of me not to review the lead single, so let’s start with that.

Forget You

Forget You‘ features British singer IMAN, who we had on the blog a few weeks back. IMAN is an amazing singer so I already had high hopes for the song prior to listening; thankfully I was not disappointed.

While this song was missing the instrumental complexity commonly found on the Yarley G album, the production effectively conveyed the emotion of the track. As the vocals remained at one tone for the majority of the song it was left to the the production to reflect the story being told in the lyrics.

The most noticeable element of production was the use of drum rhythms to emulate a Heart beat like sound in the verses, creating a sense of suspense.

This continues to build as more instrumental layers are added to the song, using inconspicuous drum riffs to transition between texture changes in the lead up to the cresendo and anticipated beat drop.

The track successfully manages to convey the accumulation of emotions as referenced by the singer.

Subtle use of both of compression distortion gives the idea of conflicting thoughts and feelings. This was heightened by the sprinkles of adlibs, particularly in the final chorus.

Taking a step back and viewing the track more holistically, it is definitely one of the more commercial sounding songs on the album, which comes as no surprise with it being the lead single. I imagine it doing well in a soundtrack for a series such as ‘Riverdale’ or ‘Dynasty’.

(If anyone at Netflix is reading this take notes)

Would you be mine

This song was what I like to call a wild card. As a rap number it immediately stood out from the other tracks. While there was a clear hip hop influence here, there are undeniable traces of soul blues funk and of course electronic music.

Yarley G got the balance just right here creating a unique sound without overloading the ear.

Dirty cha cha

Can we just pause and appreciate the fact that Zig Short said ‘na na na na na’ on the track and made it work. This was my favourite song on the album, so it is no surprise that it has amassed a plethora of streams on Spotify.

It’s bouncy, playful and fun. I anticipate this song being huge for the summer or at the very least a club classic.

I really enjoyed the way the vocal production was done on this track. What really made smile however, was the structural clarity of the song, which remains consistent from the use of panning in the intro, right through to the fade out at the end of the song.

This song epitomises what Yarley G is all about; the flawless fusion of multiple genres delightfully accentuated by clever drums riffs.

More about the artist

An immigrant from Haiti, Yarley G’s journey towards success hasn’t always been easy. Thankfully, music provided a path of inspiration for him throughout his childhood, and that creative guidance continues to this day. Growing up listening to a myriad of influences, his musical roots come full circle with the release of Vivid Echoes.


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