I knew that I was going to love this song from the outset. I was immediately drawn in by the 90s reminiscent intro.

Once I heard the piano I was instantly reminded of an old school Jay-Z or Nas type beat. Anyone who follows hip hop will know what I mean.

One thing that is abundantly clear is Taylor’s captivating story telling ability. She had my attention from start to finish with honest lyrics great intonation and a smooth flow.

The song tells the story of a women’s frustration in which she feels she is giving her all and receiving nothing in return.

Taylor explains:

“Wats Luv is a very personal song after I decided to call it quits. I feel as women, we tolerate a lot but at the end of it all every women have their breaking points and Wats Luv was my breaking point”

Can we just take a moment to appreciate the incredible vocals delivered by Dee’Jon. His rich soulful vocals really brought the track to life and I really appreciated how clean his riffs were too, not mention the sprinkles of his falsetto on the outro.

As for Taylor, when asked what was next she stated:

“Having the freedom of self expression and being able to connect with people through stories is powerful – I don’t want to make music for the moment – I feel it’s my responsibility to not conform to the demands of the world, but to the demands of the people. I feel like my mission on earth is to create music with a message”

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