Since the 90s, also known as the golden age for R&B, the genre has evolved from smooth as butter vocals that pandered to a predominantly female audience to annoyingly predictable falsettos and lyrics that serve the purpose of stroking the male ego. Today’s artist has made it his mission to step away from what is now the unfortunate norm, by bringing back the soulful harmonies we have all missed and giving us that old school feeling with a modern edge.

Formerly a member of the R&B Duo RecognitioN, Jerrod Brosean better known as Dahomie Jrod can be described as a vocal cross of Maxwell and Donny Hathaway. With 3 BET Nominations and 2 top 20 National Billboard Records under his belt, Brosean has laid the foundation for a fruitful career. The singer is currently working on his first solo album entitled ‘Boyfriend Material’, following the release of his amazing new single ‘Right Now’.

Jerrod Brosean originally from duo recognition returns with his solo single Lyrically, the song mirrors modern-day R&B music discussing the usual sensual fantasies detailing feelings of longing, urgency and a mutual chemistry. However, the words are sung with a sense of emotion often absent from the mainstream and its those feels that make this song unique and one you can listen to on repeat. It’s easy to tell that the artist has had first hand experience navigating the maze we call love, something that is common to most of us. This feeling of understanding exactly what the hes going through is what makes this song so easy to connect to. The icing on the cake is the songs masterful production, which is beautifully simple allowing Brosean’s vocals to be the focus of the track, effortlessly giving listeners a sense of singers passion.

R&B singer Jerrod Brosean returns with brand new music and releases single right nowWhile there is no doubt that he is talented, it’s yet to be decided whether Brosean will make his way through the surrounding noise of the mainstream and find his on lane.

However, this refreshing sense of honesty and realness is most definitely intriguing, we look forward to hearing what Jrod does with the album. If ‘Right Now’ is anything to go by, who knows we may see the return of real R&B – No pressure Jerrod.

In the meantime we’d love to hear your thoughts on the single in the comments below.

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