The first day at university can be quite nerve wracking, especially when you are unsure on what to take with you. This can result in over packing and taking items that are unnecessary.

With many of you being students it made perfect sense to do this post as a part of IndustryMe’s Back2School series.

In a bid to help all of you feel prepared for your first day, I’ve decided to do a “What’s In My Bag” University Edition.

Black primark handbag in what’s in my bag post


Depending on the type of course you are doing bringing a Laptop can be beneficial as you can get your assignments done in your spare to at university as well as take down notes and even do a little research on the unit you are working on.

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I brought a notepad to University regardless in case I decided to not use laptop. However, I would only really suggest bringing this item if you are sure you will need it as I know Laptops can be quite weighty.

Bonus Tip: Small notepads go a long way


Packing at least two pens with you would be advisable just in case one runs out you have another as a back-up. In terms of the colour of pen, a black pen is the safest one to go for as some Universities can be particular on the colour.


At most universities you have a café/cafeteria and on your break, you may want to grab a snack/ extra drink or even a meal. Keeping your energy up is key after all!


Staying hydrated is important as when you get dehydrated it makes it harder for you to concentrate especially when you are at University for long hours. Bringing a water bottle would be the best way to stay hydrated.

Mobile phone 

Making sure you have your mobile phone on you is important you never know when you might need it in an emergency situation. It is also a good way to use as an audio recorder to record the lecture that way you do not need to write everything down!   


 In case your phone dies it is always good to keep your charger on you that way you don’t have to worry! Or even rely on another person to have one on them so you are able to charge your phone.

Black bag, I phone charger, nestle pure life water bottle and notepad

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