Anyone who knows me knows that I have a pretty eclectic taste in music. No matter the genre a great song is a great song. With that being said I am a sucker for bumping bass lines, killer harmonies and clever lyrics. Here’s what came up when I hit shuffle.

The 1st song that popped up was ‘So Simple’ by Mike hough.  With a beautiful soulful voice and a falsetto to die for Mike hough is an artist that frequents my playlist. With a unique sound and creatively inspired lyricism, this is an artist I constantly have on repeat.

2nd on the list is Taio cruz with ‘Like a Star’. This song is an oldie but a goodie and definitely brings me back to the year 7 days, when the biggest worry I had was not returning my library books on time. Oh for the days of youth – okay I’m kidding but you get the point.

Moving on to song number 3 is ‘Place We Set Afire’ by Yellowcard. You’ll know from previous posts that I was a huge yellowcard supporter. The final, self titled album (which this song comes from) was an incredible parting gift to their fans. Regardless of their split I will forever be a fan. This was the band that I grew up with. Many of fondness childhood memories are associated with the Bands music, including playing SSX3 on PS2. And before you say it no I’m not that old PS2 really wasn’t that long ago.

In at number 4 is Sinead Harnett’s new song ‘Still Miss You’ . The song details the harsh reality of putting yourself first and the unspoken truths of walking away from a toxic situation. Just because you have to leave them doesn’t mean you love them any less – ladies can I get an amen?! Thank you YouTube auto play for the discovery of this super talented artist.

In at number 5 is ‘Wasnt the same’ by Winter rose (previously known as Troy Hudson). This song will forever be one of my favourites, I’ts poignant it’s raw and it’s real. The rap gets me every time and I love the simplistic beauty of the video.

Shei Atkins is in at number 6 with ‘He Can Fix It’. This is my go to song whenever I’m feeling down or something goes wrong in my life. Being Christian, Gospel music is a massive part of my life and equally my playlist. With all the chaos going in the  world songs like this keep me in balance.