Welcome to The Great Escape – a three day long festival where artists perform music made for other artists who double as fans. Hosted off the coast of Brighton, this intimate shindig hosts a promising number of underground / underrated artists from around the world, exploring the differences in musical tastes and production styles, promoting freedom and confidence in self for both patrons and performers.

Much as The Great Escape is literally a perfect watering hole for playlisters and partiers, the festival also features some secret hideouts in the form of The Alternative Escape where the artists and DJ’s who are more fluid in their randomness are shacked up.

Performers this year include some of IndustryMe’s favourite come-up artists such as Shaé Universe – badass vocal master who’s covered almost all of my favourite Billboard hits adding her own spice and twist on them and newfound love, Emiko who has breathed new life into UK R&B with his fresh approach to the genre!

Some more UK gems appearing at this year’s Great Escape Festival are Little Simz, Tiana Major9 & Lava La Rue. Hosted between dates 09 & 11 May 2019, be sure to get your round of tickets before they disappear!

Tickets: https://www.ticketweb.uk/event/the-great-escape-festival-2019-various-venues-brighton-tickets/8318255

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