Reminiscent of a house party – you know, the ones where half the punters are seated, chatting like they’ve known each other for much longer than two hours and the other half is locked & loaded with dance moves that could peel any carpet up & off – this tune is one that some memories are made to.

Despite the vast differences compared to his older work, by November of 2018, he had already kicked up enough dust to be featured in the #IMDiscovers – 10 Artists That Should Be On Your Radar This November list, giving us a taste of what’s to come in the near future.

That very future is creeping up through the folds as we speak and I feel a project coming on!

Set the scene:

Old couches, dim lighting, air thick with smoke, a beautiful view of the city lights from the rooftop of a low-rise skyscraper and enough plastic cups to last a month-long soiree.

Enter Fonzie with his cooler-than-ice delivery.

Since IM introduced his casually intimate track ‘Just Friends’ (insert laughter based on personal reflection here), Fonzie has been actively sharing his shift in the hip-hop paradigm.

Starting off proceedings by sharing preferences & admissions, it is important to note that the time for drowning out feelings has long since passed and now, what we have here is a good night ahead with a song that should not be abandoned when going for that evening drive, maintaining squad depth and especially when compiling that bedroom-trap playlist as the 808’s glide through, like you into the DM’s, proudly supported by some liquid courage. He did say that there are ‘big cats in this rat race’.

If you’re not seeing anything but Colours whilst drifting into a light milly rock by the time this one ends, you’re in the wrong place pal.

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