Heart stirring melodic greatness “Shoulder to Shoulder” is the anthemic pop number is determined to inspire.

Bringing that festival vibe with a chorale filled intro, it’s a song that literally screams feel good from its inception.

This is a surefire hit that comes at a very critical time in US politics. With a volatile and unpredictable socio-political climate, song’s like this remind the world about the importance love and togetherness.

This song truly embodies every thing that Black History Month should about and is both lyrically and conceptually powerful.

The magnitude of its message is perhaps amplified by how well the track came together sonically.

The Wolves are no strangers to IndustryMe and we have watched their journey unfold over the past year casting our opinions on previous tracks like Freaky and CNOFWMB.

However this song might be their best yet.

Each and every element blended together seamlessly; from its lyrical depth to the sweeping synths to the rich harmonies dotted along the songs melody lines.

Vocally this is the best I’ve heard the band. Flawless transitions between hushed tones of the verses and emotionally charged falsettos.

The notion of community the song inspires is guaranteed to light up festivals and stages across the country.

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