Your Paris Emerge With Brand New Single “The Weather”

Indie/Pop duo Your Paris debut their latest song “The Weather”. After much success in their first two years as a duo, Your Paris is set to release their debut EP in 2022.

The group formed 2 months before the pandemic began and although lockdown allowed them to create new music but it also impacted the band because of finances and not being able to perform. Following the release of their single ‘Rooms’, Your Paris was featured on multiple Spotify playlists which helped increase their Spotify audience to over 16,000 monthly listeners.

The new track features heart-breaking vocals mixed with elements of pop and country music. The song came aboutfrom their country singer/songwriter friend Robyn Ottoni. They had started working on the track with Robyn during lockdown over Zoom to later put the finishing touches together with producers. The words they create are both infectious and relatable for those who are going through heartache but also expresses themes of love and chaos which is enjoyable to listen to.

The song is soulful and elegant as we hear the smooth soft vocals from both singers, it is extremely calming and mellowwhich can help you to relax and make you want to sway along to the slow rhythm. The tune reminds me of how we try tochange the subject of the conversation as to what the weather is like as we often do not want to discuss how we truly feel after a rough breakup.  A storm is brewing which is what the weather may feel like as we get over the pain of someone close leaving.

The style of music the duo creates is new and different as they mix a range of genres together from pop to indie and this makes their music interesting to listen to as we hear the beautiful harmonies and low beats blend well together.  The tune oozes with raw emotion and passion as they talk about a sensitive and personal topic to them which allows fans to see a more vulnerable side to them.

Here at IndustryMe we look forward to hearing more incredible music from Your Paris soon.

Listen to “The Weather” by Your Paris here:

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