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Zoe Wees Is Back With Latest Single, Lonely

19-year-old German singer-songwriter, Zoe Wees, returns to the spotlight with her latest single, Lonely, following the success of her previous discography, from the release of her debut single Control back in 2020.

The track touches on the loneliness faced by so many musicians today, with life on the road not aligning with the desire for Zoe Wees ‘to be loved for being’ herself, ‘and not for anything else’. The pop ballad has much more grounded meaning than most other songs within this genre, emphasising the distrust encountered when meeting new people, Wees describes that the ‘dollars in’ their ‘eyes … ain’t hard to read’. Her passion for the topic and true torment over this subject is portrayed well, both through the crafting of the lyrics and the delivery of the vocal elements of the track. 

The production of this track, by Salmy and Muñoz, is also well rounded and steady, making for easy listening, pop track, filled with emotion. The instrumentation also remains true to the genre, combining more electric elements with more traditional pop instrumentation, with the use of guitars layered with beats, a formulation becoming more and more popular amongst pop music these days. 

Wees will be embarking on her first EU/ UK tour on 29th March, with numerous sold-out shows on her schedule. Incredible for just 19, I’m excited to hear more from this emotionally driven Hamburg songwriter in the future. 

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