A lyrically poignant number, this captivating pop single from Zosia tells the story of endurance throughout a horrific experience.

You really get a sense of the singers pain during the intro and the start of the first verse, for which the use of acapella was particularly effective.

While the transition between the chorus and first verse could have been cleaner, the change in emotion was clear. The singer shifts from heartbreak to acceptance and I really enjoyed the way this was reflected both in the song’s tempo and instrumentation.

Here’s what Zosia had to say when we spoke about the single.

Why was it important to focus on topic of sexual assault for this song?

I want to be authentic with my music, and this topic is something I’ve struggled with a lot. The more we are willing to talk about the subject, the easier it is for victims to speak out and heal. I want to do whatever I can to encourage that.

What do you want people to feel when they hear the song?

I’d like them to feel a bit uncomfortable and wonder why they feel that way. I hope it brings up emotions, whether it’s hope, empathy, or a mixture of different emotions. I think everyone will have a slightly different reaction based on their experiences.

What was the hardest part of writing a song like this?

The hardest part is letting anyone else hear it at first. I wasn’t sure how they’d react, and I found myself purposefully mumbling some of the words. But the positive feedback I received helped me to overlook my embarrassment.

How did you make sure the music accurately reflected the message?

I can’t say there was much intention behind the song at the beginning. I wrote it as a cathartic release, which is why I feel so vulnerable when playing it. Later on I realized that the authenticity is what helps others connect to it, so I decided to release it.

More about the artist:

With a diverse set of influences, today Zosia creates alternative electro-pop with elements of trip hop, rock and alternative R&B. Using her strong vocals and cinematic synths, Zosia has built a world of her own filled with strength and knowing. With lyrics focusing on overcoming depression, anxiety and finding fulfillment, the songwriter explores solutions in her intricately introspective music.

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