Rapper Zuby is no stranger to IndustryMe. We have been following his journey over the past year through video releases, and more.

A key element of the blog is being apart of the journey and being able to document the creative process.

It therefore gives me great pleasure to share this interview with you all.

Here is Zuby a year in the making.

What were your biggest lessons of 2017?

Always be looking ahead and plan towards where the world and market is going rather than where it is right now

What is something that you achieved last year that surprised you?

I sold more merchandise than any in any previous year. It wasn’t a surprise exactly but it’s an achievement I am proud of and a good sign for the future.

When we last spoke you alluded to the possibility of doing more live shows, how’s that been going so far?

It’s one of my goals for 2018 so I will be getting those lined up. I’ll definitely be performing live much more than I did last year.

And in terms of singles and video content?

I’m going to release at least 8 new singles this year, but hopefully several more. My first of the year ‘Getting Mine’ (feat. Wanz) was released on 5th Jan 2018.
I put out LOADS of video content in 2017 and will be continuing with that this year. In fact, my Youtube channel is just about to reach 1 million total views – which is awesome!

What inspires your visuals?

Just the music really. I go with whatever visual style that I feel represents the vibe and energy of the specific song that the video is for.

What was the creative process for the making of the video for your single ‘ILL’?

The music video was shot at Lulworth Cove in Dorset, which is a beautiful location with great scenery that I’d had in mind for a potential music video. It’s important that the visual matches the tempo and vibe of the song and I thought ‘iLL‘ would suit the location well. The execution was fairly straightforward. We went down there on a clear afternoon and filmed multiple performance shots in different areas.

The million dollar questions, when can the fans expect another album?

Most likely at the end of 2018 or perhaps in 2019. My focus right now is on individual songs, so it depends on how those are received and how much momentum I can build. I’m in an experimental stage right now, because I want to grow my audience significantly before releasing another full-length album. I want the next album to achieve a significantly higher level of success than any of the previous ones, so I’m not going to drop it until I’m confident that will happen.

How do you think it will differ from your previous projects?

We will see. But I expect that it will incorporate some different production styles and lyrically, it will be more mature, honest and personal.

What are your goals for 2018?

I don’t publicise all of my goals, but I’ll share a few here. One is to put a small team together and stop trying to do absolutely everything alone. Another is to reach 10,000 subscribers on Youtube and a third is to collaborate with at least 5 other artists or bands.

Any last shoutouts or plugs?

Please follow me on social media! You can find me on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat and Instagram. My handle on all of them is @zubymusic
– thanks for the interview.