A Legacy Christmas

Adam Blackstone Brings New Gifts on ‘A Legacy Christmas’ (Review)

‘Tis the season for musical excellence! All-round music aficionado Adam Blackstone has gathered some sensationally talented friends for some new festive jams. The features list showcases the best and boldest of the industry’s voices including Keke Palmer, Andra Day, Boyz II Men, and DJ Jazzy Jeff.

Whether you know it or not, Blackstone has been at the helm of all your favourite pop culture musical moments. The Musical Director for Super Bowl Half-Time shows and orchestrator of the illustrious Oscar ceremony – Blackstone has experience taking on tradition and making it fresh. Furthermore, his immaculate ear for sounds has proved prominent across his recent solo efforts. His solo album ‘Legacy‘ dropped last year, then an instrumental ‘Legacy‘ release, with this ‘A Legacy Christmas‘ wrapping the series up in a nice festive bow.

This album is a seasonal celebration of Black music. Moreover, the entire album is performed with real instruments which is very much missing in today’s music. This gives ‘A Legacy Christmas’ a classical, timeless feel. Meanwhile, Blackstone showcases rapping ability and some serious vocal talent too. He isn’t afraid to jump out of his cozy vocals in the opener ‘Send Me Your Love‘ to hype up the listeners – exclaiming ‘Sounds so nice don’t you agree?’ It certainly does.

Adam Blackstone and Keke Palmer

Iconic R&B group Boyz II Men detail all the enjoyable elements of Christmas on ‘Greatest Gift‘, however reminding us they really don’t mean anything without love. This song does a great job of reminding listeners what really matters this festive period. This song is a soothing Christmas playlist staple.

While we need some cosy fireplace slow-jams like ‘Greatest Gift‘, no Christmas album is complete without an upbeat pop banger. That banger comes in the form of ‘Christmas Kisses‘ with Keke Palmer. Exceptionally talented, Palmer delivers a record to dance around the Christmas tree with your friends and family. This is a truly uplifting song for the darker months.

With some of the best vocals I’ve heard this year, Lena Byrd Miles puts a heartfelt gospel spin on this ‘Joy To The World‘. Even those who don’t appreciate Christmas music will warm to this track, as Lena demonstrates her powerful talent. This track perfectly closes the album – a reminder of the religious aspect of the holiday that is so often forgotten in today’s world.

To conclude, ‘A Legacy Christmas‘ will bring you back to the essence of this holiday. This LP is bursting at the seams with love, joy, and spirit. Let Adam Blackstone and friends soundtrack your holiday season, and rejoice at the gift that is Christmas music.

Rating: 8.5/10

Adam Blackstone is on Instagram, X, and TikTok. Read more albums reviews here and stream ‘A Legacy Christmas‘ below.

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