Adna Returns to the Music Scene with Black Water

If you’re unfamiliar with Adna, it’s time to acquaint yourself with her stunning sounds and equally appealing visuals.

With more than 50 million streams, Adna is no stranger to the music business. The Swedish-born, Berlin-based singer already has three albums, described as “beautifully woeful,” under her belt: 2014 saw the release of Night, followed up the next year with Run, Lucifer. For her 2017 album Closure, Adna toured throughout Germany, the UK, France, and Scandinavia. 

Now, Adna is finally releasing a follow-up to her critically-acclaimed Closure. The upcoming album, titled Black Water, is a return to the artist’s signature sound.

Rich. Warm. Seductive. Adna continues to hone her craft, creating an interesting take on dream pop. Something darker, a little murkier, raw yet euphoric.

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Adna has given the public a preview of what to expect from Black Water with two new singles: “Don’t Know,” released on May 28, and “You Are,” released on June 24.  The rhythmic and undeniably catchy “Don’t Know” is accompanied by a visually captivating music video that will transport you to the ‘80s or ‘90s with its grainy, retro television effect. 

Music-wise, “Don’t Know” isn’t happy-go-lucky, but it is beautiful. “I wrote this song one morning before bringing it to the studio of Hannes Butzer (who I co-produced this song with),” Adna says about the single.

“I guess the song doesn’t really fit into the happy category, but it felt good to play around with the music and the sounds to turn it into something playful instead.”

“You Are,” on the other hand, is a bit darker, more somber, and melancholy. Its video matches this feeling perfectly, featuring the singer in settings with appropriately dim lighting. Honestly, if you’re looking for a masterclass in how to create visuals to pair with a song’s vibes, this video is it.

And those tracks hardly even scratch the surface of what Adna has to offer in Black Water. Each song, from the ethereal opening track, “Kad Procvatu Behari,” to the album’s closer, “This Is Now Here,” a slow and sultry number, will transport you to another place, another time, a dream world perhaps.

The production is gorgeous, creating something raw, euphoric, something so…Adna, you’ll find it hard not to be enticed into those warm musical embraces.

Keep up with Adna on her website and by following her on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Spotify.

Listen to “Black Water” by Adna here:

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