10 Questions With K-Pop Sensation AleXa

Music has often been a vehicle for transporting fans into a different world. K-pop artist AleXa has taken this to a whole new level with her latest release “Xtra“. Serving as a prequel to her previous releases, the new single adds more colour to what has already been an exciting tale.

The multilingual singer made her debut with the track “Bomb,” back in October 2019, which saw success in the top 10 of Billboard’s “World Digital Song Sales Chart” within its first week of release, and has hopes that her latest offering will receive an equally positive response.

Outside of her musical endeavors, AleXa is also set to appear in her first acting role on the second season of Netflix’s chart-topping horror anthology series “Goedam,” and sat down with IndustryMe to discuss her plans for 2021 and beyond.

Courtesy of ZB Label

1. “Xtra” is a noticeable pivot from the edginess of tracks like “Bomb” or “Do or Die why the sudden change?

For this comeback, we wanted to give the fans a complete 180 from what they were used to. It was time to open another door in the multiverse

2. There’s clearly a 00s pop influence here which seems to be making a big comeback right about now.  What are your 3 favourite songs from that time and why?

It’s hard to choose honestly, so I’m just gonna roll with any track by Britney, Missy, or Xtina

3. Seeing as we’re on the subject, which would say is one fashion trend from that time you would want to bring back?

I feel like Y2K fashion is resurfacing, but tell me WHY it’s so hard to find a good pair of lowrise jeans?!

4. Going back to your single “Xtra”, what was the inspiration behind taking fans back to this point in the AleXa’s story?

We just wanted to make a track that encourages the listener to unapologetically themselves- be yourself, be 100% authentic, be XTRA- that is the message!

5. Image wise this era of AleXa is a lot more bright and colourful. What have you enjoyed most about being in this space so far?

The pink hair, haha… Been wanting to go pink for a while. The overall mood change was refreshing for me, as well.

6. With “Xtra” is being a blast to the past in the AleXa universe. What can we expect from the next chapter? Will there be a continuation of this origin story?

I personally can’t tell you what to expect, all I can ask is to please be patient. We’ve got a lot of things cooking in the kitchen right now, and which is the entrée versus which is the main course? Can’t say.

7. You worked with Vanessa Sharie, who made her K Pop writing debut with “obsession” how did that collaboration come about?

I am beyond blessed to have even MET Vanessa (Redfairy) let alone having gotten the opportunity to co-write with her for the track!! It all came about by a strange twist of fate, destiny if you will~ She happened to be in Korea during the right time and we both knew the right people and BAM. Destiny

8. In addition to the release of new music, you’ll also be making your acting debut pretty soon. What was it like working on the set of “Goedam”?

It was so much fun!! As an avid horror fan, and someone with a wee bit of acting experience, it was an HONOR to finally put my chops to use in a horror setting! I cannot wait to see how it turns out!

9. Is acting something that you hope to do more of in the near future?

I would absolutely love to do more acting in the future, should any opportunities arise! I’d like to continue to better myself as an artist and become more well-rounded.

10. To round off with some positive thoughts what is your dream role and who would be your dream collaboration?

My dream role? Assuming we’re speaking about acting here, anything in the Marvel Universe (specifically in the Spiderverse) would be a dream come true!! A dream collaboration of mine would be Ashnikko or Doja Cat.

Watch the video for “Xtra” by AleXa here:

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