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AnFlo makes her debut with “Pathways”

Releasing her debut single “Pathways”, rising London singer AnFlo has channelled her passion for creating music into a brand new song about focusing on the journey instead of the destination. Her new single is encouraging and powerful and is a great debut track to give listeners a taste of her artistry. “Pathways” displays AnFlo’s unique tone that brings a distinctive sound to light, setting her apart from current singers that we have today. 

The softness of “Pathways” is present from the start of the track, which is highlighted by the piano as the main component of the track.

AnFlo pathways industryme

She likens the love she is feeling to the different aspects of a house; her walls are painted by her lover’s love, all her previous hurt has been demolished and she now enjoys the warmth in this new ‘home’ that is this new found love.

The chorus appreciates the different pathways AnFlo has gone on in her life and is happy that it has bought her to her lover. The first verse and chorus are very strong in their lyrics and delivery, and she does not lose momentum as we enter the second verse. Backing vocals create dimension to this section without overshadowing her lyrics, letting her songwriting ability shine prominent and clear.

AnFlo pathways industryme

This track oozes confidence in a love that she knows is secure and is grateful for the journey she has gone on to reach it. The lyrical film accompanying the single sees AnFlo just as stripped back as the track itself, and does very well at not overpowering the song. The bareness of both the lyrical film and the actual track allows the focus to lie solely on the lyrics and meaning of the song, which AnFlo has done an excellent job at executing. 

This uplifting track AnFlo has blessed us with looks at love and striving to get to a place where we feel comfortable after once being in the dark. She reminds us to appreciate the journey despite the trials and tribulations because the “Pathways” we are on may bring us to a destination we never thought was possible.

Even though it may feel like a short song, AnFlo has filled each second with soulful lyrics. If you don’t know of the singer now, you’ll definitely be seeing more of her soon.

Listen to “Pathways” by AnFlo here:

Words byNat Siaw-Agyeman

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