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R&B Singer August Twelfth Marks His Return With “Love Won’t Stand A Chance”

After a painstaking wait, R&B singer August Twelfth ends his 5-month hiatus with a dose of soul-dipped honesty courtesy of the new single “Love Won’t Stand A Chance”.

While you may already be familiar with the South London native’s talents as a singer, his skills as a producer are also on full display on this track.

Aptly titled the mid-tempo song translates as a frank conversation from the perspective of a man growing weary of his significant other’s unwillingness to reciprocate his energy in the relationship. While those conversations in real-time are often uncomfortable and difficult to navigate, this track was anything but, with flawless transitions throughout the production serving as clear markers for each section of the song.

Who knew tough love could sound so sweet? The art of this track is truly in its ability to share the singer’s blunt sentiments so eloquently.

august twelfth love wont stand a chance

The track’s relatability stems from the way it skillfully explores both sides of the coin in knowing how you want to be loved whilst recognising your significant other is not quite able to give you what you want.

Despite the straight-talking lyricism, there’s an element of encouragement clearly rooted understanding, which is what allows listeners to empathise with the singer’s position.

The contrast between these two competing ideas is also reflected in music, juxtaposing the sharp staccato of the keys and the sweeping ethereal harmonies.

The musicality of this song is certainly something to shout about.

The use of syncopation within the percussion notably added a subtle edge to the track by infusing a selection of Hip-Hop influences that breathed life into its hook. However, the real elevation came from the song’s beautifully layered vocal melodies, well-placed adlibs, and the optimal balance of falsetto; an adequate display of the singer’s talents that showcases his range without trying too hard.

Easing listeners back into the sonic bliss that is his world, August Twelfth has made a promising start to the year and just in time for Valentine’s Day.

Listen to “Love won’t Stand A Chance” by August Twelfth here:

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